Fifteen years experience in the sector
SIMA specialized through the years in the maintenance of medium and large size helicopters. The helicopter’s ratings currently held by SIMA Part 145 and Part M are Leonardo AB412, Leonardo AW109 series and Erickson S64F.
Both personnel of the SIMA’s CAMO and Part 145 have attended type rating courses on the Leonardo AW139, to manage and maintenance this helicopter. The 15 years’ experience of the company and its personnel have confirmed SIMA to be a reliable partner for helicopter owned by Government entities, assigning to SIMA minor and major inspection on their helicopters. Both type of inspections was performed either at customer premises or at SIMA facility.
As helicopter service company, SIMA experience comes from a wide variety of activity performed, from a different type of maintenance defects solved and from the conditions and timeline given by a contract or a customer. We think that pictures more than words can speak for us or for what we have done since now. SIMA believe in continuous learning and improvement to give always a better service to the customer.


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