Experience and passion in helicopter maintenance

S.I.M.A.: Società Italiana di Manutenzioni Aeronautiche

Since 2003 SIMA provides maintenance services, airworthiness management and technician training.

SIMA SpA is an aeronautical maintenance company operating since 2003, it was born with the desire to make the thirty-year experience of many aeronautical technicians available to civil and institutional operators. SIMA soon stood out on the market for the high level of professionalism of its technicians, carving out a market niche strongly linked to maintenance on vehicles used by state bodies for institutional operations (AB412-AW109 – S-64F).

Airworthiness management


SIMA approved as EASA Part M in January 2009 and Part CAMO in March 2022,manages the Continuing Airworthiness of private client helicopters as well as institutional operators helicopters

Helicopter maintenance


SIMA, approved as Part 145 since 2003, provides technical support and maintenance activities on helicopters according to the highest safety standards.

Professional training


SIMA, approved since 2008 as EASA Part 147, provides type rating courses to helicopter technicians on the helicopters listed in the qualification specification.


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Experience in maintenance and training

With over two decades of experience, SIMA excels in helicopter maintenance, airworthiness management and technical personnel training.