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SIMA helicopters

S.I.M.A. S.p.A. Società Italiana Manutenzione Elicotteri is an aeronautical maintenance company, operating in this sector since 2003. Created with the goal to offer its thirty-year technicians experience to civil and institutional operators; technicians that have contributed to the realization and have been part, through the years, of the creation of the Italian helicopter history. SIMA, soon distinguished itself in this market, for the high-level professionalism of its technicians, carving out for itself, a niche market, strongly linked to maintenance operations on Government operated assets, for institutional operations (B/AB412, A109series, AW109series, S64F).

Airworthiness management

Approved as EASA Part M in January 2009, SIMA manages the continuing airworthiness of helicopters for private customers as well as Government owned helicopters. The Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) is currently authorized for the management of helicopters such as the B/AB412 serie, A109A / AII, A109E and S64F.



SIMA, a maintenance organization approved according to EASA Part 145, obtained in 2003, aims to provide technical support and maintenance of helicopters according to the highest safety standards.


Training of technical personnel

Since 2008 SIMA holds an approved Part 147 organization certification, according to EASA regulation, authorized to provide courses per type rating of helicopter to technicians on helicopters listed in the certification specification.


Case history


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