training of technical personnel
Since 2008 SIMA holds an approved Part 147 organization certification, according to EASA regulation, authorized to provide courses per type rating of helicopter to technicians on helicopters listed in the certification specification. Initially the certification was used for internal technicians training only, but over time the courses were provided to external personnel as well, including Government agency personnel.

Current approval includes Theoretical and Practical courses for the following "Type Ratings"

Erickson S-64 (PW JFTD12)

T1 rating, for technicians of Category B1.3 –
Mechanical and T2 rating for technicians of Category B2 – Avionics

B/AB412 (PWC-PT6)

Rating T2 for technicians of Category B2 - Avionic. The T1 course for B1.3 - Mechanics, is being completed. Approval is expected by the end of 2018.


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