Helicopters maintenance

aeronautical maintenance company
SIMA, a maintenance organization approved according to EASA Part 145, obtained in 2003, aims to provide technical support and maintenance of helicopters according to the highest safety standards.

The company’s policy provides that reliable services are provided according to the rules of efficiency and safety, with a high level of quality for the full satisfaction of the customer.
The quality offered has enabled SIMA over the years to obtain a high degree of trust from our customers and users.

The list of operations authorized within Part 145 includes both Line and Base maintenance on the B/AB412 serie, A109 series, AW109 series and S64F helicopters.

SIMA’s main base is located on the airport of Tassignano (Lucca) and consists of two hangars, where aircraft maintenance is carried out, a warehouse and several offices on the first floor of an adjacent building. At the Tassignano Hangars, both Line and Base maintenance are performed on helicopters such as the AB412 series, the A109 series and the AW109 series. SIMA also holds Base Maintenance certifications, on the Airports of Lamezia Terme and Ciampino, where both Line and Base maintenance are performed for the S64F helicopters and their components.


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