Avionica Maintenance

maintenance activity in electro-avionics sector

Maintenance activity in electro-avionics sector and in avionics labs are performed by AVIONICA SpA, a partner company. Avionica funded in 1989 is located in Lucca-Tassignano Airport, next to SIMA hangar. Avionica, thanks to agreement with manufacturer, to the long-time experience and the high-quality standards, is able to provide with fast delivery terms, overhaul, maintenance and repair of the following components:

a) Radar Systems as Surveillance, Search, Navigation, Weather, Altitude
b) Communication system as HF, VHF, UHF.
c) Navigation system as ADF, NAV, GPS, DME
d) Attitude, direction and navigation system as HIS, RMI, CDI, ADI, Transponder, EFIS)
e) Air and pressure based system
f) Engine instruments as ITT, NG, etc and power supply/inverter
g) Simulator

Avionica holds certification under EASA Part 145, EN 9110 and AER-Q 2120 and maintain a wide variety of apparatus issuing certification as: EASA Form 1, Stanag 4107, C.o.C 

Avionica in cooperation with SIMA holds a EASA part 21 SubPart J (DOA) certification for minor change and minor repair on airplane (CS23, CS25) and Helicopter (CS27, CS29). 

Avionica holds a certification under EN 9100 for calibration services following ISO 10012:2015. Avionica is also approved under ENAC to calibrate its own measure instruments. Moreover, Avionica can extend this privilege to other company working under ENAC/EASA following the procedure issued by ENAC with NI 2013-003.


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