Airworthiness management

Continuing Airworthiness Management

Approved as EASA Part M in January 2009, SIMA manages the continuing airworthiness of helicopters for private customers as well as Government owned helicopters. The Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) is currently authorized for the management of helicopters such as the B/AB412 serie, A109A / AII, A109E and S64F.

In May 2009, ENAC further granted SIMA’s CAMO organization the authority to revise the airworthiness certificate (ARC) of helicopters listed in its Part M certificate.

The helicopters managed by SIMA’s CAMO, include the S64F helicopters operated by European Air-Crane and by the Italian Fire Brigade. SIMA’s CAMO, for the above aircraft management, uses latest generation computerized and web based systems that allow operators and owners real-time control of their fleet from anywhere in the world.


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